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Sand and Light: Volume 1 - Letting Go

Prologue and Episodes 1-4

Six years ago, the Trigun anime ended. The surviving characters went their separate ways: Vash the Stampede vanished in the desert with his brother Knives, and the insurance girls went back to Bernardelli to report the problem solved.

And everything has been quiet ever since...

... until a chance meeting between Vash and Milly, in the church where Wolfwood died, sets into motion a chain of events that begin to spread out like ripples from the flapping of a butterfly's wings ... and no one will be left unscathed in the coming storm.
Sand and Light: Volume 2 - Scattered

Episodes 5-8

Reunited only to be torn apart, the major players of "Sand and Light" are on the stage, but scattered across half a world: Vash and Milly and Meryl; Knives and Legato; the child Ellie, the mysterious girl Sand, the drifter named Alex ... none of them yet aware how their fates will entertwine.
Sand and Light: Volume 3 - Genesis Machine

Episodes 9-12

The harsh desert reshapes personalities and lives, as the travelers discover in the thirt volume of "Sand & Light". Old alliances are shattered and reborn, as friends become enemies and enemies become friends. Vash and Meryl separately begin to unravel clues to a puzzle ... and each new clue points to Project Seeds ...
Sand and Light: Volume 4 - Convergence

Episodes 13-16

The fate and the future of Rem's children becomes clearer, as the desert wanderers' steps bring them closer to each other ... and to the inevitable, final confrontation ...
Sand and Light: Volume 5 - Survival

Episodes 17-20

Stranded in the desert, running out of food and water, with enemies on every side ... life has become a race against time for Vash and his friends.
Sand and Light: Volume 6 - Rain of Light

Episodes 22-24

It's time for the final showdown at the Project Seeds ship. The fate of the world will be decided ... and the lives of a small group of heroes hang in the balance.

Other "Sand & Light" Products

Sand and Light Soundtrack: Donut Rhapsody

Image songs as suggested on the "Sand & Light" mailing list.

Posters and teaser images for "Sand & Light".

Note: This is all, of course, fan-produced and fun. These aren't real products; there's no soundtrack, et al, to a "virtual third season" that never existed except in the minds and imaginations of the fans. Though it would be cool if there was.

Trigun and all characters and situations are (c) Yasuhiro Nightow and Young King Comics, with U.S. distribution rights by Pioneer Animation. You may print, distribute, archive and copy this story freely, as well as write sequels, draw fanart, and do whatever else you want with the ideas I've presented here.