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Trigun: The Virtual 3rd Season
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Chapter List With Titles & Teasers:

Prologue: Mother and Child

Episode One: Light a Candle
Six years after the end of the anime series, Vash meets Milly again
in the church where Wolfwood died.

Episode Two: Sand
Into each life a little disaster must fall...

Episode Three: Alex
Sand travels in search of her past, and meets a drifter named Alex Daniels.

Episode Four: Haunted
Meryl is sent to investigate the latest July-like disaster.

Episode Five: Journeys
Vash and Milly search for Knives. Can they find him before the cycle of destruction begins again?

Episode Six: Fire in the Sky
Sand and Alex respond to the crisis at March City's Plant.

Episode Seven: Runaway
Separated from Vash, Milly searches for her daughter in a town gone mad.

Episode Eight: To Save the Butterfly
Everyone's favorite psychopath is back! Or is he...?

Episode Nine: Fragile Flesh
Meryl and Knives! In the desert! But it's not what you might expect.

Episode 10: Angie
Trying to unravel the mystery behind Legato's reappearance, Vash
uncovers more riddles... all pointing to Project Seeds...

Episode 11: Genesis Machine
Meryl and Lamia arrive in March City too late to help... but just in time
to set off on a new adventure.

Episode 12: Don't Cry For Me, Angelina
Angie makes a desperate decision.

Episode 13: Dodge City
Who is Alex Daniels? One woman knows.

Episode 14: Lost Ship
Meryl, Lamia and Knives enter the Project Seeds ship! What will they find within?

Episode 15: Dust in the Wind
Angie's past is revealed! And... who is Nadia?

Episode 16: Frozen
Milly must confront Tony at the Bad Lads' destroyed hideout.

Episode 17: Child of Rem
Vash and Angie try to find November City -- and Alex Saverem -- ahead of Tony.

Episode 18: The Other Side of Paradise
The man who calls himself "Alex Daniels" has come a long way running from his past. But nobody can run forever.

Episode 19: Sin
What is the "Genesis Machine"? Meryl, Lamia and Knives are on the verge of finding out... but Tony is one step behind them.

Episode 20: Angel Arms
Vash is reunited with Wolfwood -- but all heck breaks loose when Sand finally listens
to the Voice in her head. And who or what is that Voice, exactly?

Episode 21: A Drink of Water
Stranded, running out of food, Meryl and Lamia go in search of help.

Episode 22: Rescue
The cavalry is here! Milly and Kaite stage a rescue... but all does not go as planned.

Episode 23: Only Human
Reunions, explanations, and of course the all-important question: Will Vash get his hair back?

Episode 24: Rain of Light
The final episode of "Sand & Light".

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