COMPLETE. Several years post-Buu. When a mysterious invasion force blocks the group's ability to manipulate ki, they are forced to rely on wits and teamwork to survive.

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ONE-SHOT. The battle against Majin Buu is over. The Earth is restored. But how can you return to normal after your life has been turned upside down?

The Edge of Madness

ONE-SHOT. The Saiyajin language has no word for love -- and to sacrifice one's own life for another is madness. What does it take to soften a heart of stone? Vegeta's POV, looking back on the Cell Games.

My Best Friend's Rival

ONE-SHOT. At the start of the Buu saga, the night before the tournament, Bulma wonders if her relationship with Vegeta will affect her friendship with Goku.


ONE-SHOT. A variation on the 'Bulma dies' genre of B/V stories. Bulma is dead ... but how long can the afterlife contain a stubborn, blue-haired genius determined to reunite with her loved ones? GT spoilers.


ONE-SHOT. Enmity and friendship. Trust and betrayal. The end of the Majin Vegeta fight from both Vegeta and Goku's POV.

No Need To Say Goodbye

ONE-SHOT. A short, sweet post-GT fic. Saying goodbye to an old friend ... or not. (Spoilers for the end of GT.)

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